Repair Rates

Diagnostic Fee ​- A diagnostic fee of $60 is required for all gear being checked in for repair. Our hourly repair rates differ depending on the gear you wish to have repaired.


Rush - We offer two levels of Rush Services. Rush services require a pre-approval amount; level 1 - $250, level 2 - $350. This helps us keep the rush repair line turn-around quick. 

  • Level 1 Rush $50: This level rush service covers most guitar amps (Tube & Solid State), Most passive speakers

  • Level 2 Rush: $100: This level rush service covers any powered speakers/subwoofers, studio monitors, studio equipment, synthesizers, keyboards, electric pianos, and mixers.


Hourly Rates

  • $85/hr - Most guitar amps (Tube & Solid State) & passive speakers

  • $95/hr - Most powered speakers and medium sized mixers (powered and unpowered),  some studio monitors and studio equipment

  • $120/hr - Most digital synthesizers, keyboards, electric pianos, studio equipment, and larger mixers/consoles.

Warranty -  All repairs come standard with a 30 Day guarantee against any issues relating to the original repair. 

Storage Fees - If you are unable to pick up your gear upon repair completion, simply submit payment for your invoice and you will not incur storage fees within 30 days. After 30 days have elapsed, storage fees will be $3.00 per day.

Repair service subject to 9.25% TN sales tax