Michael Mannarino

Supreme Leader of Showroom Sales
Michael Mannarino

   Favorite Quote: "The invention of the ship was the invention of the shipwreck"

- Manchester Orchestra

   Born and raised in Frederick, Maryland, Michael has been in the Music Retail business for over 10 straight years. He started as a front counter salesman in his local music shop and was promoted after two years to manager and store guitar technician. Michael held that position for the remaining six years working at that particular shop. During that time, he also received his degree from Omega Studios, took a job recording nights in a studio and toured playing rock and metal music. Michael always loved Nashville. He would visit multiple times a year to work on music and decided to make the move permanent in early in 2017. From there, Michael has worked as the front counter salesman as well as pedal board specialist.

   Michael can be found running the showroom 5-6 days out of the week and recording during the evening. You can almost always find him at the dog park with his two huskies, Scheika and Ledo, who he would be more than willing to show you photos of if you come to the shop.