Daniel Gautreaux

Amp & Guitar Technician

   My name is Dan and I'm from Lafayette, Louisiana. I attended school first at South Louisiana Community College for carpentry and then at The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Arizona. Before that I lived and worked all across Alaska as an engineer. Nowadays, I call Nashville home. I originally came to Tennessee to work on records but my love for instruments and electronics soon led me to British Audio where I've been able to hone my skills as an electronic technician and luthier. I've been playing music for over 13 years now and it has always been the driving force in my life. I am working on a handful of different musical projects with some other musicians around town as well. When I'm not working I tend to travel around the country for rock climbing and camping adventures. I'm also an artist and spend more time drawing and painting than I do sleeping. I spend the first hour of every morning meditating in preparation for the day to come. I enjoy practicing yoga and spending as much time as I can outside. I love reading fantasy books and comics when I need to escape. My next ambition is to write and illustrate my own series of novels. I believe there is no limit to how much a person can learn and achieve other than the limits that we place on ourselves.

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