Curren Effinger

Salesperson & Guitar Techinician

 "Fear not for the future, weep not for the past" - Percy Shelley

   Born and raised in the cold north of Duluth Minnesota, Curren started working on guitars six years ago. Curren sparked an interest in music when he first picked up a guitar at 8 years old. After a few years of learning, Curren started to take apart and modify his guitars. He took this interest to apprentice at The Violin Shop in Redwing Minnesota while also spending time learning from Ron Koivisto at Northwoods Music. During this time, Curren also attended Southeast Technical College for string instrument building and repair. Moving to Nashville in 2015 was a decision made to better pursue the building and repairing of stringed instruments. After three years at Guitar Center, Cool Springs, Curren took a position at British Audio as a Guitar Repairman and Sales help. 

   In his spare time, Curren enjoys building guitars, hiking and playing music with friends. When not at work, Curren enjoys visiting his favorite coffee shops and finding new restaurants.