British Audio Service, Inc.

Who we are & What We Do

When you need the absolute highest quality and expertise in guitar and bass amplifier repair British Audio Service is the place for you! Located in beautiful Nashville, TN, just minutes from Music Row, British Audio Service is your one-stop Pro Audio Repair Center!

Initially specializing in the repair of British tube amplifiers such as Marshall, and Trace Elliot , British Audio Service has also gained World-Wide notoriety for our expertise in American and German products. Working directly as an Authorized Service Center for companies such as Fender, Hughes & Kettner, Mesa Boogie, and a host of other World-Class manufacturers has set us apart from the average repair shop thus making us an ideal centralized National Service Center for the most prestigious brands on the market.

In addition to our quality amp service, we also provide electronic keyboard, sound re-enforcement and loudspeaker repair. Offering warranty service for top companies such as Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Celestion and Jensen, we are well equipped to handle all of your repair service needs. For a complete list of companies we work with directly please see the right-hand side of our Service page.

Our in-house parts department keeps the repair turn around time to a minimum as well as making us a great resource for hard to find replacement parts. If for some reason we do not have a specific part on hand, our direct connection with top OEMs and parts distributors keeps our lead-time to a minimum.

From our top engineers to our shipping department, we are musicians who have a passion for sound, music and quality! Our goal is to quickly and professionally help you get back to doing what you love...making music. Our promise is to get your product in and out quickly, with close attention given to all details.

At British Audio Service, you will find that our technicians take the time to listen and work with you to help solve problems and be specific with the work we perform. Also, our top-notch customer service department is second to none, taking great pride in our leading customer satisfaction record! Don't be surprised when you find our highly skilled technicians answering the phones most of the time. At British Audio Service we truly take the time to make sure you are satisfied.

Featured Items

73-POT-A1M Trace Elliot Potentiometer
Model #: 73-POT-A1M
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Tri-Black Tank Top - Womens TT-F-BLK
Model #: Tri-Black Tank Top - Womens
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Tri-Green Tank Top - Womens TT-F-GREEN
Model #: Tri-Green Tank Top - Womens
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Indigo Tank Top - Womens TT-F-INDIGO
Model #: Indigo Tank Top - Womens
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British Audio Tee Blue Fitted Tee
Model #: British Audio Tee
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